About Mario Napolet and Napolet Law.

I graduated from the University of Akron, School of Law in 1998 and was admitted to practice law in Ohio in May, 1999. I practiced mainly criminal defense law in Ohio.

I was admitted to practice law in Nevada in January, 2001 and was employed with a high-end criminal defense attorney in that state. While there, I had the luxury and privilege of working on nationally televised criminal cases as well as handling all of his family law cases. I began my own law practice in Nevada in 2002, practicing in the areas of criminal defense, divorce and custody, personal injury and business and corporate litigation. Don’t worry though, I was always and remained a Buckeye through and through as I grew up in Northeast Ohio and relocated to Columbus, Ohio in 2009!  Today, I reside in Powell, Ohio with my wife and three children, 2 dogs and a cat. (I tell my kids the cat is on his way out every day. LOL!)

As far as my children, being a dad is my favorite first job, no contest. Their sweet smiles, warm laughter, kindness and compassion are all a constant reminder of why I’m here, and why I truly want to help families like mine in Central Ohio.

I have focused both my Nevada and Ohio law practices in the area of Family Law, Divorce, Custody, Child Support, Spousal Support (Alimony), Asset and Debt Distribution as well as division of complex business interests within contested divorce cases.

I’ve aggressively represented clients in highly contested divorce cases; including high asset, high conflict cases involving child custody, child support, spousal support and division of marital businesses. At the same time, I empower my clients with the expertise to make informed decisions as to whether the client’s case needs to be litigated or if there’s the possibility of settlement and both parties to the divorce may be able to resolve all issues in their case. In these settlement scenarios, my clients and opposing parties make decisions jointly concerning the future of their children, finances and their goals and objectives on a moving forward basis.

I’ve been there, both personally and professionally, handling in excess of over one thousand divorce cases in my career spanning almost two decades of contested and uncontested divorce cases. I’m truly empathetic to my clients and I have a deep personal understanding of sitting on the same side of the desk as the clients that I represent.

I pride myself on aggressive representation and a charismatic courtroom presence; however, I also understand the dynamic of practicing in the arena of divorce and custody.

Get the solid legal advice you need for your case

Work with people who understand your situation and have your back

Save money with our competitive rates & services that strive for your best outcome

I have a mantra to prospective clients: 

“The real winners in contested divorce cases are generally the lawyers, and the biggest losers most of the time are the children.” It’s my belief a lot of cases should be resolved in an uncontested fashion to save frustration and heartache. I advise my clients on the factual and legal issues in any given case and again, empower my clients to make informed and intelligent decisions concerning whether the client’s case is litigated, mediated or tried before a judge.

I pledge to all my clients, current or prospective, personal service and experienced and intelligent advice throughout the course of my representation of you.