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Who is Thomas & Thomas Advisors?

Thomas and Thomas Advisors is a team of trained and licensed representatives that have been serving federal and private industry employees for more than 25 years. Working directly with the residents of Prince George’s County, our team has built a close relationship with the local community. We’re a part of a national network specializing in asset protection and retirement planning for pre-retirees who are at least 59 and a half years of age.

We provide retirees with solutions to their financial planning by exposing them to opportunities that they perhaps did not know were available to them!


What Keeps Us Moving Forward

We strive to serve our clients with competence, excellence, and integrity. Our services leave us confident that we have the products and tools to help with your retirement planning. Our focus is on making a difference—not only in the industry’s products and services, but in in the lives of our clients. We combine our knowledge of your benefits with superior financial products to make retirement as comfortable as possible.

To do this, we work with A-rated carriers that ensure you have options for your preferred financial planning. No matter what you need, one of our team members is happy to work with you. We strive to develop enduring relationships that will last so that we will always be available to help you accomplish your financial goals.

Meet Our Team


Hugh Thomas

Hugh Thomas has been a veteran of the insurance industry for the past 25 years. He graduated from Beckford and Smith High School in Jamaica before migrating to the United States and attending the Community College of Philadelphia. Hugh is now a trained federal retirement specialist, with a focus on writing plans for pre-retirees and retired federal employees, and employees in private industries. He is the recipient of several industry awards, happily married, and a proud father to his daughter.


Deborah Thomas

Deborah Thomas has been a financial services representative for 25 years. With thorough training in providing insurance and investment products for federal employees, she continues to broaden her skills. Deborah learns more about the financial field through everyday communication with clients. This allows her to provide excellent customer service and as a result, receive several industry awards. She is a graduate of Bowie State College and enjoys working with the board of directors of her condominium association and community leaders. Deborah is happily married and a dedicated mother to her daughter.


Ann Ozuna

Ann Ozuna has been advising federal employees and conducting training seminars on retirement benefits since her own CSRS retirement as a Personnel Officer 18 years ago. Also known as “The Federal Retirement Lady,” she has more than 30 years of experience in federal human resources management. Prior to starting her own consulting business, she worked in personnel management for the Department of Defense and the Bonneville Power Administration.


“About three years ago, just before I retired from the National SecurityAgency (NSA), I had Thomas & Thomas Advisors roll over my TSP and other funds to an index annuity. The receiving company guaranteed my funds against market loss. To date, I have not lost a penny and my funds are growing. I am very pleased.”

—Paul, Laurel, Maryland

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